STEP Solutions Automated Insurance Underwriting Platform

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STEP Solutions delivers state-of-the-art new business acquisition, policy administration and claims processing solutions. Our software as a service (SaaS) can transform your life, accident and health insurance business by controlling expenses, accelerating revenue growth, managing risk and creating flexibility in your workflow that eliminates inefficient workarounds.

Transform your insurance business—faster with less cost

Automated Underwriting

Reduce underwriting cycle time from 26 days down to a single day.

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Lower Cost

Lower operational and underwriting costs by as much as 60%.

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Faster Time to Market

With STEP, you can get new products to market in just weeks — not years!

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STEP Offers Win-Win Solutions

STEP is the most flexible new business acquisition and insurance policy administration system on the market today. STEP delivers efficiency, simplicity and ease of use to all your key business functions — and customers.

  • Business Development
  • Underwriting
  • IT
  • Operations
  • Customers
  • Speeds time to market - get your new products to market faster
  • Comprehensive - straight-through solution for origination, issue, underwriting, policy administration and claims
  • Reduces lost opportunity costs - faster cycle time yields lower cost; improves customer service
  • Automation - STEP rule-based platform allows you to focus on revenue, not low-level data gathering
  • Responsive - ability to respond quickly to individual policy questions
  • Market/regulatory intelligence - stay in the know about global market and regulatory situations
  • Transparent - provides visibility for underwriting accountability

Business alignment

  • Improves IT responsiveness to new business requirements
  • Converges IT and business processes to enhance collaboration with non-IT units to improve the customer experience
  • Accelerate time to service

Reduces complexity; enhances security

  • Cloud-based software platform simplifies IT operations
  • Reduce costs for low level routine tasks
  • Focus in-house expertise on initiatives requiring knowledge of core business
  • Improves data security

Shift costs from maintenance to new products

  • Positions IT as a strategic asset, rather than maintenance function
  • Creates a more agile enterprise

Strategic advantage

  • Promotes a transformative business model
  • Allows the company to attract all the parties to the value chain: customers, agents, service providers, staffing
  • Positions the company to achieve profitability/price advantages over the competition

Cost effectiveness

  • Reduces every aspect of cost: set-up, delivery, administration, commissioning, reserving and claims results
  • Designed to eliminate significant unnecessary expenses: people, information, unsuitable prospects
  • Drives dramatic improvements in the industries new business cost metrics
  • Helps your company achieve or beat the pricing metrics in its products

Operational efficiency

  • Improves customer retention and wallet-share capture
  • Simplifies corporate compliance practices to simplify audit and reporting

Improves customer service

  • Faster policy cycle time enhances customer satisfaction
  • Faster claims processing improves customer loyalty
  • STEP Solutions efficient workflow enables your team to answer customers' questions quickly and accurately

Provides transparency

  • Customer portal provides real-time progress of underwriting and claims processing
  • Provides clear understanding of underwriting decision making