Large Life Carrier: Complex Integration


  • Product: Medically underwritten life, with term and whole life options with two riders
  • Internal and external agents, call center and direct to consumer
  • Tele-service support group
  • Reinsurance supported underwriting rules
  • Underwriting with both auto- and underwriter-assisted decision making
  • New business only


  • Implemented integrated STEP Solutions Platform



  • Targeting issuance of 180,000 policies per year
  • 40% close rate on policies issued to date
  • Acquisition cycle ranges from 4 days to 26 days
  • Average collected signature is 4 days
  • $25K-350K policy size range, $55K average face amount


  •  40% close rate on policies issued to date
  • Process had to be revised multiple times to develop correct strategies to capture authorizations/signatures quickly
  • Demographic targets are lower income and older –  medical risk assessment had to reconcile large volumes of medical data.
  • Underwriters needed a long time to get comfortable with the reconciliation processes due to a significantly different demographics/ Rx profiles
  • Legacy business processes needed to be implemented on Modern platform – organization needed to support legacy products and wanted uniform processes

 Implementation complexity

  • Multiple and discrete distribution channels
  • External Agents
  • Internal Call center (inbound/outbound)
  • Paper-based system
  • Direct-to-Consumer
  • New Business process in STEP tailored to match existing legacy process
  • Extensive Process handoffs
  • Manual validation and reconciliation
  • Integration with existing legacy systems
  • Legacy document management
  • Legacy Correspondence and workflow

Lessons learned

  • Leverage STEP for the optimized new business process
  • Reduce system complexity by utilizing functions and features integrated within STEP
  • Explore business process re-engineering opportunities upfront when implementing STEP as a core platform