Automated Risk Assessment Engine

Our Automated Risk Assessment Engine speeds the underwriting process by swiftly identifying policy worthy applicants and high-risk candidates. STEP features include:

  • Configurable knock-out rules
  • Attribute/Condition based risk classification
  • Straight-through validation and reconciliation with online external consumer data
  • Flexible rules based credit/debit scoring
  • STEP Engine Framework provides choice of:
    • Carrier designed underwriting parameters / underwriting guidelines
    • Reinsurer “black-box” mortality assessment engines
    • Hybrid solutions for complete flexibility to match reinsurance treaties
  • Automated routing of cases for underwriting based on:
    • Product guidelines & locale attributes
    • Coverage selections such as face-amounts, riders etc
    • Specialized medical underwriting guidelines
  • Automated Requirements & Correspondence management
  • Automated e-issuance