Requirements Management

Requirements within STEP are defined at the process function level for a specific Carrier Product. During product configuration, requirements are defined as certain methods/functions that need to be invoked as part of the event processing during the life cycle of the product. For example, a requirement may be configured to invoke attach a certain disclosure for a specific state variation during the application process. The requirements can be chained and in the example above, a review followed by an e-signature can be added as additional chained requirements. All the requirements are managed using the BPMN standard and configured as part of the Carrier/Product configuration. STEP has standard templates for Requirements at the following process levels:

  • Application Requirements
  • Underwriting Requirements
  • Compliance Requirements
  • Policy Issuance Requirements
  • Policy Endorsements /Amendments Requirements
  • In-Force UW requirements
  • Claims Processing Requirements

These requirements templates are available for the Life products with associated standard riders.