STEP-EappsSTEP Solutions offers customized portals for external and internal roles with configurable e-apps that feature editable Q&A building with branching logic. Our system also provides an easy-to-use, friendly interface for direct-to-consumer e-forms.

Our Product Configurator facilitates rapid design of e-forms:

  • Standard ACORD forms
  • Carrier customized forms
  • State variations
  • Support for multiple hierarchies and categorization of plans
  • Multiple options for benefit levels and coverages
  • Supports plan components across all LAH spectrum – Combo products
  • Supports all your business rules through underwriting guidelines and validation rules
  • Supports up-loadable and configurable build charts and product premium rates
  • Rendering of e-forms into PDFs for filing

In addition, our system offers reflexive questionnaires for Medical Underwriting:

  • ICD 10 correlation for drill down questioning of detailed medical conditions
  • Extensive drug database to capture and correlate prescription drug data to disclosed medical conditions