External Data Integration

STEP contains pre-built web services connections configured for incorporation of external data from consumer database sources. The external data can be utilized for straight-through validation, reconciliation, risk assessment and processing of the transactions during the entire life cycle of the product. These straight-through data interfaces provide real-time data and can be leveraged by STEP for proactive monitoring of policy and claim data.

The STEP data sources are available as configurable secure RESTful web Services. STEP infrastructure enables fully configurable external data message formats and can be retransmitted to downstream policy administration systems in a secure HIPAA-compliant message. The STEP technology stack has a rule-based data interface orchestration framework.

Straight-through data sources are implemented in STEP and are readily available across the New Business, Underwriting, Policy Administration and Claims functions. STEP can assess the following data sources:

  • Motor Vehicle Records
  • MIB Checking Service
  • Prescription Data
  • Identity Verification
  • OFAC & Patriot act
  • Credit Bureau
  • Address Validation
  • Agent Licensing/Credentialing
  • Compliance
  • Lab Orders / Para-med Exams