Reflexive Questioning

The product configuration workbench allows configuration of the e-apps and forms associated with the application processing. Based on the carrier designated underwriting rules or underwriting guidelines/parameters. Carriers may have reflexive questionnaires associated with certain application responses, for example the aviation questionnaire can be used during the application process of a commercial pilot. STEP enables the reflexive Question and Answer set configuration of the questionnaires as part of the e-app configuration. STEP has a pre-built library of question/answer sets that can be triggered based on certain attribute/value pairs encountered during application processing. Carriers can leverage this pre-built library of Question and Answer (Q&A) sets or may configure their own Q&A sets. There is an unlimited depth of Reflexive Q&A support in the system with multiple question data types supporting multiple answer types such as check boxes, combo boxes, radio buttons etc. When used in conjunction with the STEP underwriting engine, the reflexive Q&A sets can be scored as per the underwriting guidelines and these scores can be used to create the proper risk assessment profile of the applicant.

Reflexive Q&A sets within STEP leverage standard master data sets such as:

  • ICD-10 Diagnosis Codes
  • NAIC Industry Classifications
  • BLS Occupations
  • NDC Drug Codes
  • Provider data sets