Group Life Insurance

In addition to our robust individual insurance origination, administration and claims processing, STEP Solutions offers a Group Life Insurance Platform ideal for affinity or employer group enrollment.

Through flexible templates, the STEP platform enables customizable branding and user experience for affinity groups and is easily linked to the affinity group’s website. The product affinity group combination serves to drive the workflow, underwriting and form rendering. Collaboration tools manage customizable “my application” and “my benefits” features. Identity management feature offers flexible validations and ensures that affinity group member identification is authentic and secure.

Self-service functionality is availability to the affinity group members and group management and reconciliation functions can easily be delegated to affinity group administrator or third-party administrator (TPA).

Employer Group Enrollment Portal offers easy administration of employer groups and provides:

  • Preloaded enrollment data integrated with payroll/prospect feed
  • Easy-to-use automated workflow
  • Collaboration features for managing “my application / my benefits”
  • Product-driven application data entry and data validation
  • Reflexive Q & A
  • Support employee self-service using Enrollee Portal
  • Easy delegation of group management and reconciliation functions to employer benefits administrator or similar role