Policy Administration

STEP-Policy-AdministrationSTEP Solutions Policy Administration System automates all policy related transactions beginning with the initial collection of information and continuing through the life of the insurance contract. STEP Solutions’ straight-through Enterprise Processing Engine enables fast, efficient and flexible solutions for New Business, Policy Administration, Agency and Claims management.

Our Policy Administration System provides support for multiple company processing and reporting. We provide a comprehensive solution for insurance Companies that write Life, Health and Accident Insurance and we support variable product definitions that maintain emerging hybrid products, such as the Long Term Care Combo products.

Powerful, real-time software for your life & health insurance business

  • Configurable, rules-driven policy administration that gives the insurers business agility and flexibility
  • Supports all policy maintenance activities: from policy issue through premium billing through day-to-day customer service activities
  • Diary module allows user to manage outstanding activities on both a policy and claim level
  • Automated daily task list that identifies what needs to be done by when