Policyholder Self-Service

During the e-issuance process, the policyholder portal enables the policyholder to review the policy pages along with a welcome package and then gathers the issuance requirements, such as acceptance signatures, acknowledgement of endorsements/amendments etc.  Once the policy is active, the policyholder can perform all self-service functions on the policy (based on the carrier/product provisions and rules ). These self-service functions can then be reviewed by automated rules based functions or by a “Policy Processor” role within the system. All communications / notes between the policyholder and policy servicing roles can be managed securely using the Policyholder Portal.

Typically, the Policyholder Portal allows these self-service functions for the policyholder:

  • Endorsements management (review, fulfill requirements and e-signatures)
  • Demographic changes
  • Beneficiary and ownership changes
  • Payor changes
  • Billing / Billing mode changes
  • Collateral Assignments
  • Lapse management and renewals
  • Rate/ Coverage changes
  • Policy amendments
  • Annual Policy statements

The status of all these functions performed by the policyholder on the portal is available to the policyholder. An audit trail of all policyholder-initiated functions is recorded and added to the policy records.