Correspondence and Document Management

STEP is integrated with industry standard open source document management and correspondence generation capabilities. STEP internal repositories track and audit every version of the forms, disclosures, policy templates and form variations associated with a Carrier Product. Correspondence within STEP is generated at life-cycle events or on demand using correspondence templates that can be easily configured for a specific brand and can be routed based on delivery requirements for the correspondence such as email, portal, printer or mail room. Similarly, iText generation/rendering engines produce application forms with “wet” looking e-signatures and route them to the repository to be attached to the policy record.

All requirements that are Document- and Correspondence-based are bar-coded and can be integrated with standard external document repositories such as OnBase or Filenet.

Secure document storage, retrieval and distribution

We understand the insurance business is a document-intensive industry. STEP Solutions provides for an organized, secure and archived method of document management. Our system allows instant document retrieval and content to facilitate the task at hand and reduce the budget drain of manual processes, eliminating the costs of paper-driven activities. The System is designed for multiple-use across offices.

STEP Solutions Document Management feature can produce any type of file format that can be stored on the network. The System provides version control, security, indexing and retrieval capabilities. Dynamic rules enable documents to be distributed to designated repositories.