STEP Technology

STEP-Technical-ServicesOur open source, software-as-a-service (SaaS) model employs best-practice and state-of-the-art technology that delivers an integrated new business acquisition, policy administration and claims processing solution that reduces cost and complexity of technology platforms by 60%*

Open source J2EE Servlet/ JSP Architecture

  • Tomcat/ Apache deployment

Database independent

  • MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server and DB2 implementations tested

Open source JSR 268 Portal Application integration architecture

  • Fully compliant with Java Portlet API Standard 2.0 (JSR 268)
  • J2EE Security based on JAAS Standard, JAAS DB Portal Security Policy
  • LDAP Support for User Authentication
  • Implements and fully Supports Portlet Events and other standardized inter-portlet communication features of the Portlet API 2.0

Standard JSR portlets for content aggregation and content delivery

  • Integrate disparate legacy and modern enterprise applications
  • Deliver external and internal content

Open source enterprise document and content management

  • Integrated Lucene text search engine
  • PDF/ TIFF image conversion
  • jBPM support for business process management
  • Integrated JSR168 support for enterprise portals

Open source rules engine

  • Fully configurable business rules management

*Open Source technologies are normally licensed under the GNU or BSD Licensing models and is available free of charge as Freeware. This permits the STEP Technology stack to achieve the same functionality as proprietary software without the costs. STEP utilizes most OSS software components without making any modifications to the OSS software components – this allows for maintenance and upgrades of the OSS components.